QWe are considering buying the machine. How could we have the quatation?

Machine price varies depending on the model. First of all, we will select the most suitable model for you
and inform you the estimated price. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

QWe would like to discuss welding technology, conditions, and quality.Who should we contact?

Please contact us from the inquiry form.If you send us the workpieces and materials,we will try welding test for you.

QWe are considering to improve the welding process. Can you help us?

We will gather our know-how on spot welding technology and propose improvements. There are many past improvements. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

QWe want to know the machine dimensions.

You can check the dimensions of each model in the product information on this website. Some models require clearance that exceeds the dimensions at the time of introduction, so we recommend that you check with us once.

QWhat should we do if we want to try welding with an actual workpiece?

Table Spot Welder and Static pressure Spot Welder are permanently installed in our showroom. Send us your workpieces and you can check the welding trials by online.

QProduct warranty

  1. 1. KOYO GIKEN INC. warrants a period of 13 months from the shipment (Date of B/L) or 12 months from the date of installation of the products, whichever comes earlier. worn parts, such as tips, shanks, but not limited to, are not covered on this warranty.
  2. 2. Warranty provides free repair if the failure arises from defect in materials and design and that they were used for the original purpose intended. Free repair will apply one time only to the specified product.
  3. 3. Following items are not of warranting area. All repair service will be charged.

    1. 1) Failure caused by not following MYSPOT® operation guide.
    2. 2) Failure caused by not using genuine parts or specified materials.
    3. 3) Failure caused by acts of God, fire disaster or any kind of force majeure.
    4. 4) Failure caused by transporting or transferring MYSPOT® by the end users.
  4. 4. Repair service after 5pm, at night, on holidays, or dispatch out of Japan (cost of stay included) will be charged separately.
  5. 5. This warranty covers and limits only for repair service.


QDoesn’t work or no pressurization

  • ■ Check the circuit breaker. Is it “ON”?
    Turn on the main switch and check to see if the power indicator is on.
  • ■ Does the coolant properly circulated?
    Check the level of the water in the coolant (15 litters to 20 litters) and see if the water-flow indicator is on.
  • ■ Is the air pressure at 0.6Mpa?
    Set 0.6Mpa on the air regulator.
  • ■ Is the switch indicating “WELD” or not
    Set the mode to “WELD”.
  • ■ Are there any error message on the screen?
    Please refer the number to the operation manual.
  • ■ Is the main switch “ON”?
    Turn on the main switch “ON”
  • ■ Check which switch is not functioned; grip, foot or both?
    If you are using one of the switches(foot or grip), and experiencing either of ones doesn’t work, it may be the disconnection of wire. (both of them could be disconnected).
    ⇒Check it and fix the wire.
  • ■ Confirm the light signal and the click sound from the magnetic valve when you turn on the grip switch.
    If you don’t hear the click sound and/or don’t see any signal of the indicator, there is a possibility of disconnection of the wire, or failure of the magnetic valve.
    ⇒Need maintenance of the wire or change the magnetic valve. Please contact your local distributor.
  • ■ Try other welding parameters(channels)
    Possibility of wrong programming of welding parameters.
    ⇒Reprogram new parameters
  • ■ Check the chain or wire tension of the pressurizing system.
    ・Stretched out of the chain or wire. Please ask your local distributor.
    ・Broken wire⇒Need to change the wire. Please contact your local distributor.
QNo weld, or not weld well.

  • ■ Please refer to the “Doesn’t work or no pressurization”.
  • ■ Any error messages or numbers showing on the indicator?
    Check indicated numbers by the operation manual. (If you are experiencing no current or less current, usually which means that your coolant cable is worn out.)
    Poor connection of the coolant cable⇒re-tighten it.
  • ■ Is the welding parameter appropriate?
    Reprogram the welding parameter.
  • ■ Is the tip dressed properly?
    Dress the tip periodically.
  • ■ Are you welding galvanized steel?
    We recommend twice current distributions for a galvanized steel. Please refer to the welding parameter.
QThe gun is too hot. The cooling cable is also too hot.

  • ■ Does the coolant flow properly?
    Check the level of the water in the coolant(15-20 litters) and check the flow-indicator or the flow-meter. Close the primary valve of the cooling system and blow air from the inlet water tube of the gun.
  • ■ Is the Teflon tube twisted at the tip of the H and/or V-gun?
    Replace with a new Teflon tube to eliminate the twist.
  • ■ Are there any clog in the coolant cable?
    Take out the clog from the push-in joint.

  • ■ Is the air supply connected?
    Make sure the air supply is connected.
  • ■ Is the air pressure in a good condition?
    Set it to 0.6-0.8Mpa on the air regulator.
  • ■ Does the gun go 30mm below the table(for welding pressurization)?
    The chain or wire is stretched out.⇒Need to shorten. Broken wire⇒Need to change the wire.Please contact your local distributor.
  • ■ Did you program the initial pressure(squeeze) correctly?
    Apply appropriate initial pressure(squeeze).
    NK-21 series⇒35 to 60 cycle
    NK-03 series⇒45 to 80 cycle
QUnsatisfying results of the surface

  • ■ Are there any scratches and/or damages on the copper table?
    Please polish the table with the orbital sander. If it is necessary, please replace the copper table.
  • ■ Is the welding parameter appropriate?
    If you have high input rate of the welding current and welding time, reduce the rate. Put appropriate ones.
  • ■ Is the tip dressed properly?
    Please dress the tip periodically.
QTip goes off the point.

  • ■ Check if there is any distortion or looseness of the articulated arm housing.
    Please re-tighten the housing case and the locking nut.
QMalfunction of the table lifting.

  • ■ Is the circuit breaker ON?
    Set the circuit breaker “ON”.
QCoolant got frozen

  • ■ Did you supply anti-freeze coolant?
    Please apply specified anti-freeze coolant during the winter season (Below zero). When cold season is over, please make sure to remove the anti-freeze coolant and clean the coolant circulation system, then pour water.


QDaily check

  • ■ Clog out and drain the water.
  • ■ Check the air pressure.
  • ■ Check the flow of the coolant.
  • ■ Check the temperature of the tip, gun and cooled cable to see that the cooling system is properly activated.
  • ■ Make sure the shank, shank holder and tip are securely placed and fastened.
  • ■ Check if there is any distortion and/or scratch on the table electrode.
  • ■ Check the shape of the cap tip.
QWeekly check

  • ■ Check if there is any malfunction of the switches.
  • ■ Check abnormal vibrations, sounds and/or odors etc.
QMonthly check

  • ■ Check the coolant or the air system of the machine to see if there is any leakage. If any leakage is observed, re-tighten the connections.
  • ■ Make sure all of the cable joints are securely connected and tightened. Check if there is any unusual heat.
  • ■ Clean the coolant pipe. Close the coolant inlet valve, open the forced drain valve and drain the water.
  • ■ Check the coolant. Make sure there is no contamination or impurities.
  • ■ If necessary, replace the coolant.
  • ■ Clean the tank of the cooling unit.
  • ■ Clean the air filter of the cooling unit.
QYearly check

  • ■ Please remove the dirt and clean the coolant tank.
  • ■ First choose “Test”mode, then place the gun outside of the table.
    Press the switch to see if the gun goes below the table.
    Check and see if the tip of the gun goes 30mm below the table.
  • ■ If your MYSPOT® has a movable table function, check to see if there is any damage of the limit switches which detect upper/lower height limits.
  • ■ Clean the inside of the flow meter.
QEvery three year check

  • ■ Make sure the bolts, arms and/or cables are securely tightened. Re-tighten them if it is necessary.
  • ■ Apply grease to the housing and sliding parts.
  • ■ Check to see if there is any leakage from the coolant cable. Also make sure the cable is not worn out. If the weld current has greatly dropped compared to the preset level, which means that some part of the coolant cable is damaged. Replace the coolant cable immediately.